Hydrophilic Non-woven Fabric stands out when it comes to the original repellency of Non-woven fabric to water. This fabric can absorb water and retain its original properties and strength.

  • Characteristics

       +    Softness                        +      Lightweight 

       +    Water Repellent             +      Air-permeable 


  • Non woven is made by PP(Polypropylene), has optimum support, waterproof, hydrophobic, anti-blood permeation, etc. Our Hydrophobic Spun-bond Non-woven can be applied on medical material like surgical mask and scrub. Our Non-woven is innovative which has variety of color. Beside traditional green and blue, we also has Lemon yellow,  Baby Pink, Peacock Blue, Sky blue, Mint green, Angel white, Black, etc. Our spun-bond Non-woven make more colourful during difficult time to overcome the pandemic.

  • Characteristics

       +   Waterproof , water repellent             +     Anti-blood permeation

       +   Optimum support                              +    Anti-droplet

  • Applications

       +    Medical material: surgical mask, scrub


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