Fire Retardant non woven Fabric

Non-woven fabrics are finding more applications in various industries over time. It is particularly suited as a flame retardant because of its build and the benefits it has over traditional woven textiles. Most non-woven fabrics are made of polypropylene which is one of the fastest-growing fibres for technical end-users where high tensile strength and cost-effectiveness plays an essential role. This fabric burns rapidly with very low smoke and without leaving any char because of its aliphatic hydrocarbon structure. This problem can be addressed by using additives that can either be blended with the polymer or by coating the fabric with the fire retardant additive. Fire retardant non-woven fabrics can be used in fire fighting and various military applications. Many of these gears are multi-layered which not only provides protection from the fire but also considers heat-moisture transfer property, its mobility, chemical protection and so forth.

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