Non woven fabrics Manufacturer in India

Non-woven fabrics mainly consist of high-quality polypropylene which has several industrial applications in manufacturing, health, hygiene, and packaging purposes. The polypropylene pellets are melted and stretched in the form of continuous filaments which are bonded (chemically or thermally) or mechanically reinforced to turn into a non-woven fabric. Manufacturing of these fabrics takes much less time and has better results in comparison to its cloth-based counterpart. In addition to developing fabrics that are standardized, it can also be used to customize the product according to the client’s necessity. This material has high durability and strength whether it’s dry or wet; it is also very resistant to fraying despite multiple uses. This material is commonly found in any workplace which includes corporate offices, hospitals, pet shops, janitor rooms, food processing plants, painting companies and so forth.

CK Fabrics' inventive approach to address any challenge has made us one of the most sought-after companies for such products and services. Our customer-focused system enables us to work closely with our clients to understand their needs and work on them accordingly to deliver feasible results. We have solidified our position as one of the most approachable and visionary organisations in the line of non-woven fabric manufacturing where technology, strategy, business goals, and ethics play an equal hand to bring us to an enviable position today.

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Non woven fabrics Manufacturer in India
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