Non woven Packaging Fabric

Non woven packaging fabric are made of polypropylene which is composed of continuous filaments produced by an integrated fibre spinning, web formation, and bonding process. The polypropylene pellets are melted and stretched in the form of continuous filaments which are bonded (chemically or thermally) or mechanically reinforced to turn into a non-woven fabric. These types of fibres are soft, breathable, strong, durable and have a cotton-like texture. Compared with cotton fabrics, non-woven bags are easy to manufacture and cheap. Polypropylene is also bio-degradable and can break down completely in 90 days. Hence, unlike its plastic counterpart, it is environment-friendly. Non-woven fabrics have several applications in a variety of industries; however, their largest application lies in packaging purposes for a wide range of requirements.

CK Fabric is a leading manufacturer and distributor of non-woven fabrics which meets a wide range of requirements across several industries. With a decade of experience in the business, we have not only gained the experience and know-how to manufacture high-quality non-woven packaging fabrics for several industrial requirements but also set a benchmark for such products and services. Stay ahead of the competition.

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Non woven Packaging Fabric
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