Laminated Non-woven

Laminating is the permanent joining of two or more prefabricated sheet materials. If none of these materials develops adhesive properties under certain conditions, an additional medium is required to bond them together. In general, this type of medium can be termed an adhesive. In practice, the distinction is made between wet and dry laminating. In the first case, the adhesive medium has been temporarily combined with an accompanying substance that serves as a vehicle for the adhesive. With dry laminating, it is possible to dispense with this

Today Non-woven are used in various areas like personal care, medicine, transport, filtration, civil engineering etc., due to their good properties like softness, elasticity, absorbency etc. These properties are achieved with aid of various coating and laminating techniques.


Product Specifications

S.No  Specification    Range
1 GSM 8 -  180 
2 Width  20mm to 1600mm
3 Colour 16 + colours
4 Length Customised
5 Fabric Type Woven sacks , PP Non woven
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