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Ck Fabrics stands out among nose wire manufacturers, offering top-notch solutions for enhanced mask functionality. With a commitment to quality and innovation, Ck Fabrics produces nose wires that ensure a secure and comfortable fit, addressing a crucial aspect of respiratory protection. Our nose wires are crafted from durable materials, providing flexibility and strength for prolonged use. The meticulous manufacturing process guarantees uniformity and precision, contributing to the overall reliability of our products. Ck Fabrics understands the importance of a well-fitted mask in preventing the spread of airborne particles, and our nose wires play a pivotal role in achieving this.

The plastic nose wire for face mask, made of reinforced plastic with metallic core, is currently the most efficient way that allows the mask to be effectively positioned and securely sealed in the nose area.

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Product Specifications

S.No Product Name Face Mask- Nose Bridge Wire
2 Color White
3 Material 1OO % PE/PP
4 Feature eco-friendly,flexible
5 Applications For face mask
6 MOQ 1OOOO meters

Packing & Delivery

1 Packing 2000m/roll, 5rolls/ctn or on your request
2 Delivery 1 - 5 days