Quality Center

Quality Assurance

CK Fabrcis focuses on Quality assurance from the initial point of production to till Dispatch. It is an On-going systematic comprehensive evaluation of production line process and impact of those on the qualify of the fabric. We take utmost importance to all the activities that impact the quality of Fabric.

  • Activities of QA
  • QA Audit & Process Documentation
  • Establishing Standards & Developing Checklist
  • Customer Feedback & Internal Audit

Quality Control

Quality assurance and quality control may seem the same thing, but they’re not. Textile products are assessed for quality in the preproduction phase, during production and with a final inspection after the product has been completed.

Quality Assurance is focused on the process. It builds quality into each step of the manufacturing process including designing, production, and beyond

Quality Control is focused on the product. It is generally understood as assessing the quality of products upon completing manufacturing and after being classified into acceptable and unacceptable categories where checking of the actual results are done to ensure that things are as expected.